Catalogue printing services

Catalogues are very lightweight and readily available source of information, with most questions answered within its pages. Price, look, colour, size, quality, performance, can all be communicated quickly. Surveys show that 35% of consumers say catalogues offer a better product overview and make it easier to look through different products. We design and print such catalogues at cheap rates with best quality.


A large number of product sellers consider catalogues as their premier sales tool. The advantages of print catalogues is their easiness to use, level of trust and accessibility. They are portable, aspirational and designed to be picked up repeatedly. Cataloguse usually designed with careful usage of colors, fonts and printed on good thick artboards.


Catalogues work best when their distribution is targeted, their ideal audience defined by a wide range of variables. You can then choose which customers are likely to spend and distribute your catalogue accordingly. We have created catalogues for global brands such as Sony Ericson and local brands such as Singtel and many more.


We also sell customizable pre-designed catalogue templates through our online sales site