Logo design services

We create all your corporate identity elements such as logos, slogans, envelopes, letterheads and other stationay items with clever use of typography, artistic concepts and color themes inline with your brand strategy.


Our logo designers are well experienced. And they are visual communication or fine arts educated professionals as well. Previously they have with very popular branding MNC companies and PR agencies to create logos, letterheads, CD covers and envelopes for various big clients in Singapore and other countries. A combinationation of such graphic designers and creative heads work as a team to give desired result.


We will supply a set of questions before we start every logo design. Once we collect that questionaire, we understand and analize client's business. Then we arrange a short face to face meeting to discuss further about logo requirement. At the end we supply 3 logos with 3 concepts to pick. Finally picked up logo will be revised to merit for 3 times. Once the full payment is done copyrights, print-ready post script files and final artworks.


We also sell customizable pre-designed logo templates through our online sales site www.pioneerts.com.sg.