Marketing Translation

For every global business, each of it's marketing communication needs to go beyond the cultural, linguistic territories. So localization of business information is a must needed and vital component of every marketing campaign of a global business.


We adaptively translate texts, images, audio and video from one language to another to create exactly the same impact to the target audience as well. It is not an easy or straight forward, word to word translation process, as there are vast differences between jargons, proverbs, idioms, terms, colloquial phrases used in one language and other language.


Hence, creative translation is the key to overcome these varnicular differences, in order to create the same impact and response combo in the target market, especially to retain the same brand identity across all local languages. If it comes to localization, there are psycological factors to consider with the colors and legal concerns with the images used as well, for instance Middle-East.


We have creative translators and copywriters in Tamil, Thai, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Malay. We are regularly doing creative translation of marketing collaterals such as newspaper and magazine advertisements, flyers, leaflets, TV commercials for very reputed clients like SingTel, OCBC and etc.


Contact our team of creative translators now to discuss your requirements, and see how we can creatively translate your media contents to result in success of your business.