Technical translation

Technical translation is a special type of translation involving translation of documents such as manuals, user guides, white papers, data sheets, online help files and etc., produced by technical writers. Such information will contain extensive amount of industry-specific jargons and terms, which are not fully understandable for a non-technical translators.


Technical translations are one of the more challenging aspects of global business, so sound terminology management is a must to achieve desired unmistakable local results. So people who are practically experienced in relevant industry and also being native linguists can only perform such translations. Our technical translators are expert engineers and adepts in automotive, aeronautics, engineering, legal, IT, patents, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life science industries.


When technical translation is concerned, accuracy is very essential. Since industry compliance check as well as language compliance check is performed after a thorough proof read process for every technical translation project.


We have done so much of technical translation projects for technology and software firms around the world in many foreign languages like Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French German and etc.


Contact our team of technical translators now to discuss your requirements, and see how we can translate into success for your business.